SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT, as a member of one of the most strong and developing business Groups in Greece, Olympia Group, records a constantly upward course and strengthens its presence on a global level. On its third decade of operations, is guided by consistent vision and strategy.

With technological innovation firmly in its sights and its passion for excellence, SUNLIGHT is ranked among the world’s top manufacturers of industrial batteries and of advanced technology batteries.

SUNLIGHT constantly invests in the development of high-end products based on new technologies and launches the Li.ON FORCE batteries range, using Lithium advanced technology. Li.ON FORCE batteries cover the increasing demands of Material Handling and Logistics Industry, along with the diversity of applications of modern electrical Industrial Vehicles (eIV).

With the promise of greater operational efficiency, Industry 4.0 adoption continues to grow and SUNLIGHT has applied this new technology to Li.ON FORCE batteries range, enhancing the connection of operation stages, along with optimizing safety and implementing  a predictive maintenance program.