Fields of application of electrical energy storage system

InnoPOWER has a wide portfolio of applications from electrical energy storage system with the lithium-iron-manganese phosphate technology, which is offered in different sizes / packaging.

In electric or hybrid powered vehicles for private or public sector, InnoPOWER provides energy storage systems for efficient transport solutions which we need for our environment and the associated targets to reduce CO2 emissions. This quiet, exhaust-free vehicles need energy for their impellent. InnoPOWER offers the optimal battery solution in terms of range, safety, cost and profitability.

InnoPOWER provides adjusted lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles such as electric cars, hybrid vehicles, industrial vehicles, electric sweepers, rehabilitation devices, senior mobiles, golf caddies, electric scooters and electric boats to customers across Europe. In stationary applications such as power supply for storing energy from solar or wind power plants the InnoPOWER lithium-iron-manganese phosphate batteries offer the perfect solution with a definitely cost advantage in the “Total-Life-Cost-Ownership”.

The high energy and power density, low weight and high durability of lithium-manganese-iron phosphate batteries with tuned battery management systems and loading systems offer an ideal solution for these applications.


LiFePO4 batteries


Construction and materials
LiFePO4 batteries


1. Anode 2. Eelectrolyte and separator 3. Cathode
Graphite (intercalation of lithium such as LixC6) Electrolyte: Aprotic solvent in which conductive salts such as LiClO4, LiAsF6, LiBF4, LiPF6 are dissolved LiFePO4
Nanocrystalline and amorphous silicon
Separator: Polymer of PVDF or PVDF-HFP