The new InnoPOWER complete program offers the ideal charging system for lithium-ion batteries for every application

Battery charger – InnoPOWER XL

Universal and flexible applicable. Individual charging programs for each type of battery. Simplest handling and application

InnoPOWER technology
compact, morn, environmentally conscious

Low power consumption

  • Reduction of energy consumption by up to 20% compared to conventional charging technology (with single phase units)
  • state-of-the art high efficient RF technology (with dual PFC and resonant phase shifter technology)
  • high loading efficiency (> 91%)
  • patented charging method with very low load factor (~ 1.1)

Very compact

  • light weight (up to a factor of 3 compared to conventional devices)
  • small size (up to a factor of 5 compared to conventional devices)

Onboard version optional

  • Flexible mounting and alignment concept

Very gentle and fast battery charging

  • patented charging method for highly efficient and very gentle battery charging
  • ideal charging direct current with very low ripple
  • automatic adjustment for age, temperature and charge condition of battery
  • Deep-discharge-soft-start-function (equivalent to 1/4 of the rated battery voltage)

Optimal use of network

  • minimal reactive power
  • cos (phi) ~ 1, i.e. sinusoidal mains current consumption
  • no negative repercussions in network

InnoPOWER battery chargers have many features and configuration options, e.g.:

  • ConVision – the compact programming and analysis package for the mobile service, composed of service module and software
  • characteristic-charging – the patented charging method for a dynamic, very gentle and energy saving charge
  • Display – to broad display from load course and load program
  • Remote LED display – an LED keypad foil or dual LED (up to 2 m)
  • Onboard – Version customizable (including vehicle immobilizer)
  • Temperature compensation – temperature-controlled cargo
  • further extras on request

Technical parameters

Charging voltage 12 V, 24 V, 36V or 48 V
max. Rated power 22 kW
Mains power 207 – 253 V 50/60 Hz (also 100-120V u. 100-253V on request)
Protection IP 54 (higher protection on request)
Protection class II
Dimensions WxHxD HF 550 430x395x300 / HF 650 430x695x300