Lithium-ion batteries as energy store in electric cars or electric motorcycles, boats, industrial vehicles and stationary applications have a significant impact on the use of application, performance, life expectancy and running costs. Due to individual differences between the separate cells, the battery is running in a non-equilibrium manner. Because of individual electrochemical properties between separate cells, lithium-ion battery cells behave in disequilibrium.

In combination it leads to significantly reduced battery life and even to a security risk for electric vehicles. For this reason, the operation of all lithium-ion batteries requires the use of battery-management-systems.

The lithium-ion-cell-balancing-management-system is an intelligent integration of the monitoring and control system. In optimum operating conditions of lithium batteries, the battery is monitored, controlled and influenced within each cell in real time. The aim of our product is to ensure that all individual cells of the battery can work equally in the process of loading / unloading, thus the improvement of operational performance and a longer battery life can be expected.
Experts distinguish between active and passive balancing.

Battery management systems

We work with manufacturers of different battery management systems, which are selected according to the requirements of the battery system in collaboration with the customer. We advise you detailed on this selection.

General Description

The BMS is capable to provide all necessary features for safe operation of LiFePO4 batteries.

  • Power monitoring of each individual cell
  • Temperature monitoring of battery up to 5 points
  • Monitoring of the voltage – prevent deep discharge
  • Control the loader – prevent overcharging
  • Balancing the cells
  • charge meter (optional)
  • calculating and outputting parameters : SOH, SOC, I, U, T
  • Communication interface
  • PC programmable (optional)


The graphic shows the recommended minimum necessary wiring.

Example of a battery management system
(exact dates must be requested)

  • Battery Management System for up to 12 cells per slave unit
  • Flexible system configuration , up to 64 slaves
    (battery can be adjusted up to 768 cells)
  • Automatic cell balancing. Balanced current up to 5A
  • Can be used for most cell types and capacities
  • Monitoring cell voltage
  • Monitoring cell temperature
  • Monitoring sensor circuit
  • SOC determination
  • SOH determination
  • Accurate cell voltage measurement between 0 to 5 V
  • Temperature range -40 to +85 ° C
  • Galvanic isolation cells / interfaces
  • ESD –protected
  • Cascadable up to 2000V per stack
  • Internal or external current sensor