The high energy and power density, low weight, and long life of the lithium-manganese-iron-phosphate batteries with matched battery management systems and charging systems provide an ideal solution for these applications.

Lithium-ion batteries

The main factory in China is highly automated and has ultra-modern production equipment in use. In 2008-2010, more capital was invested in the modernisation and optimisation of the production process at the factory to reach a production capacity of 50,000 Ah / day and 15 million Ah / a. The cell production takes place in modern manufacturing facilities in clean room manufacturing. Various awards and certificates prove the high quality of this lithium-ion battery technology. As therepresentative in Germany, we guarantee quick availability, tested A-Quality and expert advice in the realisation of your projects.

Lithium-Ion Battery Packs

InnoPOWER uses complete advanced lithium-ion battery packs for a variety of electric vehicle applications, including vans, cars, golf cars, race cars, quads, scooters, motorcycles, solar energy storage, and more. Each package includes 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 72V, 96V or higher voltage battery packs, consisting of InnoPOWER Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, a matching charger and a BMS system.


The new InnoPOWER complete range offers the ideal charging system for rechargeable batteries for every application.

LiFeMnPO4 battery cells and accumulator modules for solar energy storage

Innopower lithium iron phosphate-manganese batteries, or lithium iron phosphate batteries have now been tested and are perfect for storing power generated from photovoltaic systems. Together with a battery management system and other components, it provides a logistically structured, easy-to-install storage system, with which you can load the electricity generated from their own PV plant safely in a lithium power battery storage to provide this for a consumer if needed. We supply various solar power storage to manufacturers with our batteries. All of our lithium iron phosphate batteries and manganese lithium iron phosphate batteries have a safety certificate by UN38.3. and are produced to a high quality standard. Enclosed are the references of these products for download.

Our InnoPOWER lithium ion batteries have been used successfully for our clients:

Balancing-Management-Systems (BMS)

Lithium-ion batteries as an energy storage in electric cars or electric motorcycles, boats, industrial vehicles and stationary applications have a significant impact on the use of application, performance, life expectancy and running costs. Due to individual differences between the separate cells, the battery is running in a non-equilibrium manner. Because of individual electrochemical properties between separate cells, lithium-ion battery cells behave in disequilibrium.

In combination it leads to significantly reduced battery life and even to a security risk for electric vehicles. For this reason, the operation of all lithium-ion batteries requires the use of battery-management-systems.

The lithium-ion-cell-balancing-management-system is an intelligent integration of the monitoring and control system. In optimum operating conditions of lithium batteries, the battery is monitored, controlled and influenced within each cell in real time. The aim of our product is to ensure that all individual cells of the battery can work equally in the process of loading / unloading, thus the improvement of operational performance and a longer battery life can be expected. Experts distinguish between active and passive balancing.



The new InnoPOWER complete range offers something for every application the ideal charging system for batteries.