The high energy and power density, low weight, and long life of the lithium-manganese-iron-phosphate batteries with matched battery management systems and charging systems provide an ideal solution for these applications.

Innopower has been a certified sales partner of EVE Energy for prismatic lithium iron phosphate cells and modules in A + quality since 2020.


Our lithium-ion batteries are all qualified according to UN 38.3

We advise you on the selection of the right battery cells for an optimal design of your battery storage system. Feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Lithium-ion battery packs

Battery packs that can be assembled individually

InnoPOWER uses complete, extended lithium-ion battery packs for a variety of electric vehicle applications such as vans, cars, golf carts, racing carts, quads, scooters, motorcycles, solar power storage systems and much more.


The new InnoPOWER complete range offers the ideal charging system for batteries for every application.

Battery cells and battery modules for solar power storage

Innopower lithium iron phosphate-manganese batteries, or lithium iron phosphate batteries have now been tested and are perfect for storing power generated from photovoltaic systems. Together with a battery management system and other components, it provides a logistically structured, easy-to-install storage system, with which you can load the electricity generated from their own PV plant safely in a lithium power battery storage to provide this for a consumer if needed. We supply various solar power storage to manufacturers with our batteries. All of our lithium iron phosphate batteries and manganese lithium iron phosphate batteries have a safety certificate by UN38.3. and are produced to a high quality standard. Enclosed are the references of these products for download.

Our InnoPOWER lithium ion batteries have been used successfully for our clients:

Balancing-Management-Systems (BMS)

Lithium-ion batteries, as energy storage in electric cars or electric motorcycles, boats, industrial trucks or stationary applications have a significant influence on the use of the application, performance, life expectancy and running costs. Due to individual differences between the individual cells, the battery runs in an imbalanced manner. Due to individual electrochemical properties between individual cells, lithium-ion battery cells behave in an imbalance.