Battery cell

Standard properties of LiFeMnPo4 batteries

  • High performance: The continuous discharge current standard is recommended between 0.3C to 1C.
    The continuous maximum current is 3C.
    The maximum impulse discharge current for <10 sec is at 10C.
  • The maximum charging current is 1C
  • Good performance at temperatures from +5 ° C to +40 ° C.
    The battery structure is stable and safe
  • Good performances at low temperatures. The 100% discharge is defined at 20 ° C. At temperatures below 0 ° C, the discharge current power falls. Do not charge battery under 0 ° C.
  • Security: The battery can not explode or burn through internal or external damage.
  • Long life cycle: The capacity of the cells occurs after 5000 cycles at 80 % strength capacity utilization in the range of 80% of the initial capacity.
  • Adapted for fast charging: Within an hour, the battery can be charged to 85%. Fully charged after 2-3 hours
  • Low cost relative to performance / lifetime.
  • Battery does not contain polluting heavy metals
  • Battery is made with modern materials at state of the art

Safety instructions before using the battery

  • Preclude a short- circuit in battery
  • Discharge battery fully before the first use.
  • The battery pack is secured with a clamping plate, please never remove the clamping plates while using.
  • Check the voltage of cells, it should range of 3.31 - 3.33 volts
  • Install the BMS according to our instructions to prevent overcharging and deep discharge.
  • Check if all parts are complete.
  • The installation should be carried out in accordance with the accompanying description.
  • The 4 screws should be connected to the silvered copper bridges.
  • A not intended application reduces life of your battery.

Care and Maintenance

  • The battery is permanently sealed (maintenance free)
  • Do not deform or puncture Battery mechanically. Do not short-circuiting Cathode and Anode. Please do not throw the battery into fire.
  • Do not connect different types of batteries with each other.
  • Do not connect cells of different capacity either in series or parallel.
  • Please store the battery in a dry and ventilated place. Please keep away from food, moisture, heat and fire.
  • Please charge the battery for more than 60% capacity before storing them longer. Check the voltage monthly. If it is below 3 volts per cell, the battery must be charged.
Technical Parameters
Rated Capacity (0,2C) 100Ah Cycle Life
Nominal Voltage (0,2C) 3,2V 100% DOD ≥3000
Max. Charging Current ≤0,8C-1C 90% DOD ≥5000
Singlecell charging 3,65V Charging 0 ~ 45°C
Battery pack charging 3,65V Storage temperature -20°C ~ +60°C
Max. Discharing Current 2,5V Working Temperature 0°C ~ +40°C
Battery pack dischargin 2,6V    
Continuous Current ≤300A | ≤3C Self Discharge rate (month) ≤2%
Impulse Current 1000A | ≤10C Power Density >800w/kg
Internal Resistance ≤0,8mΩ Cell Weight 2.8 kg±100g
Constant current ≤ 200A | ≤2C Dimension 126mm x 65mm x 234mm (without cover)
126mm x 65mm x 242mm (with high cover)
Entladekurve Ladekurve

Entladekurve einer Einzelzelle mit
unterschiedlichen Entladezeiten
(Die Minimalspannung liegt bei 2,8 Volt)

Discharge Curve of Single Cell with Different
Discharge Rate (The limit voltage is 2.8V)

Ladekurve einer Einzelzelle mit
unterschiedlichen Ladezeiten
(Die Maximalspannung liegt bei 3,55V)

Charge Curve of Single Cell with Different
Charge Rate (The limit voltage is 3.55V)